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Escape Your Slow Metabolism Program

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Outstanding Results... You Won't Be Disappointed

My story starts the same as many women’s does. I struggled with my weight since my 20s. I tried everything from starving myself to a keto diet. I even had a bodybuilding trainer managing my life for a while. They all worked… for a while. Problem was I fell right back into my old habits way too easy, due to cravings. Food was emotional to me. I felt deprived when I couldn’t have what I wanted which lead to depression, binging, short lived euphoria and ending in hating myself. I was preoccupied and miserable most of the time. All I could see in my future was constant monitoring of what goes in my mouth at all times. It would overwhelm me and I would give up. My body would react and I would gain as much, if not more ,weight than where I started. Then, a chance meeting on a plane coming home from a conference changed my life. I met one of the founders of Truthentics. Today I have lost over 20 pounds and have completely reset and restored my body’s metabolism. I just came back from a 2 week vacation where I ate out almost every meal and I, by no means, deprived myself. I had foods that normally make me bloated and would send me on a craving roller coaster. I have to admit, I dreaded stepping on the scale when I got home. In fact, I put it off for almost 5 days “knowing” it would send me on a spiral I knew all too well. Imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale and I actually weighed less than before I went on vacation!!! My metabolism adjusted! I know I can’t continue to eat the way I did on vacation. In truth, I don’t really feel a want or need to. I can’t express how blown away I am knowing my love/hate relationship with food is over thanks to Truthentics!


I was given my life back!

I originally went onto the Truthentics Escape Your Slow Metabolism Program to lose weight, not only have I lost 15+ pounds in 2 months, but there were so many unexpected positive changes in my lifestyle! First, I was surprised to see the bloating in my lower legs, arms & other areas gone within the 1st week! The provided meal plan is simple & all foods are easy to make, plus I've learned new recipes by following the guidelines. The supplements are amazing because there’s no aftertaste & they digest well especially with medications I take. I also can’t believe that my sweet-tooth cravings are gone! I always had at least a small piece of chocolate after dinner, no more! And I don’t crave sweets during the day like I used to either. All the above was wonderful enough from their products, but I’m most grateful for the ENERGY that my body has now. And I couldn’t have started the at a better time, because I needed to start physical therapy again for my back (fused T3-S1 with chronic pain due to 4 spinal surgeries for scoliosis). I’m progressing so quickly at PT that my therapist (& ALL my family & friends!) can’t believe the physical changes I’ve made so fast. I was on track for a 5th surgery to remove hardware (which is why I started back at PT), now I don’t need one! I’m ready to bring what I’ve learned at PT to the gym to do more intensive workouts! I look forward to doing more therapy, working out, bike riding & walking now more, at 48, than I did 10 years ago! It’s not jittery energy either - it's a full mind & body energetic feeling I have from the time I wake up till my day is over. And I’m sleeping better since I've been more active & using their nighttime supplements as well. I’m truly grateful for everything that the Truthentics Escape Your Slow Metabolism Program has given me… it gave me my life back and I couldn’t be more thrilled!


Enjoying Better Health ❤️

I’m loving this product from the weight loss to the improved overall health benefits. It’s wonderful to have a product I can trust. So thankful a friend recommended this company to me... it’s just what I have been looking for!

Matt B.
United States

Great Metabolism Booster

I dropped 7 lbs. in my first week without breaking a sweat. My abdominal muscles were finally noticeable. Dropped several % of Body Fat. I followed the 7 Day Meal Plan and rewarded myself with a fling meal. Thank you for the opportunity. Staying lean for life!